For the last few years, I have been in a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I sat back and reassessed my life. Why was I on Facebook? What was I getting out of it? Did it make me the person I wanted to be? The answer was a clear and resounding no. I wanted to move on. But what did I want to move on to? Facebook had become the way that I communicated with everyone.

I took some time off Facebook and realized what I wanted. I wanted a way to express myself without seeing all of the negativity on Facebook. I wanted to write about my journeys in life, my feelings, etc., without looking at what I feel has become a negative in my life. So, my blog was created in my head.

As time went on, I realized I need to figure out what I truly wanted to blog about. I can write this and that, but if I don’t have a focus for my blog, what am I doing? Mainly my blog will be about my weight loss journey that I began this week. I am going to write about recipes that I try, adventures that I take, and my struggle to be real with myself. But, I will also write about books that I read, projects I begin, Scripture that means a lot to me.

I am going to do my best NOT to do something on this blog I have a hard time doing. And that is being critical of others. I want life to be positive. I want to surround myself with good things. I don’t want to read about one mother condemning another because they vaccinate or not. I don’t want to read about politics. I can make up my own mine and so can you.

So, I invite you to join me on this journey that I am going to take. As I make the first steps into this new life I am carving out for myself. It’s going to be an adventure, but I am so excited to get ready to take it.