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Coming to Reality

You know losing weight is one of the hardest things a person can do. The easiest is putting it on. Why is that? I think a lot about what got me to this place where I had to lose 200 lbs just to get… Continue Reading “Coming to Reality”

Stress Eating Through the Last 50 Days

In the last 50 days, I have sat down to write this blog a million different ways. I had to take a while to write it because the emotions were too raw. The anger was too real. The pain was too real. In the… Continue Reading “Stress Eating Through the Last 50 Days”

Life is Stressful

I was reading through my devotionals this morning and it was a wonderful reminder. I just had to share this. “Perhaps you are stressed about work, or family, or illness, or maybe you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself this season. Whatever the… Continue Reading “Life is Stressful”

Why I hate Mother’s Day

Let me start this blog post by making one thing clear, I love my mom. I love my mom more than anything. We may not always agree and we may have our spats, but I love my mom. My mom has had to up… Continue Reading “Why I hate Mother’s Day”

Vegan and loving it

If you told me a few years ago that I would even consider adopting the vegan lifestyle, I would have told you that you were nuttier than a fruitcake. Let alone, love it… One of the things I always thought was that as a… Continue Reading “Vegan and loving it”

Emotions and Weight

First, I have to say I have the best doctor in the world. I am so excited to have a doctor that actually listens to me, my concerns, and my body. I have been thinking about my goal weight. Yesterday I told her I… Continue Reading “Emotions and Weight”

A New Take on Weight Loss

So, I am nuts. I am. There is no way to say that other than to just speak it. I’m nuts. Why you ask? I am nuts because I am changing what has worked. I am going to step out of my comfort zone… Continue Reading “A New Take on Weight Loss”

The Coronavirus and Weight Loss

With the world on lockdown for us in the United States eating healthy has become almost insane. As we sit by the internet, television, or radio we are inundated with bad news. So, what are we to do? My first suggestion is to obey… Continue Reading “The Coronavirus and Weight Loss”

I can’t believe I did it!

So I am sorry I haven’t written a lot lately. Been kinda crazy. First, my doctor has found a medication that will allow me to function! I am no longer in back pain. The question is how long am I allowed to stay on… Continue Reading “I can’t believe I did it!”

Avoid it all costs….

Since I started my journey last March, I have had one focus. That focus of getting healthy. Losing weight has always been a goal, but that ultimate goal of being healthy was what kept me going. Recently, I have fell into that dreaded trap.… Continue Reading “Avoid it all costs….”