I am a full-time homemaker. In the last few years, I have made several changes in my life. I have lost weight, become an entrepreneur, and a full-time blogger. I have two beautiful fur babies and a wonderful husband.

“Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company. It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back. Without customers, there is no company.” — Connie Elder


Getting healthy in my family means getting my dogs need to get healthy. pawTree offers me an amazing opportunity to feed my dogs high-quality food and supplements. pawTree allows my dogs to thrive. If you would like to see how pawTree can help your fur babies, let me know by filling out a pet profile. I will get back with you and help pick the perfect products to make your baby thrive.

Java Momma

Replacing processed foods means slowly replacing my carbonated beverages. While I was no longer drinking Coke, that Diet Coke has been a lifesaver. But, now it is time to cut the cord. One of the best things I have found to replace my soda is a nice hot brewed cup of coffee. What is funny is I used to HATE coffee. Now, I can’t get enough of it. And, if I am going to drink it, I am going to drink the very best. One of the reasons I love them is because every morning I can wake up to a new flavor.

Pampered Chef

I learned on this journey to weight loss, I love food. But, I don’t like the process filled products you find in the grocery store. I like the more natural foods. The best way to do that is to cook. That is why in my kitchen I am slowly replacing my old products and filling them up with products by Pampered Chef. Each week I do various healthy cooking recipes. Stay tuned to find out about my very own YouTube cooking channel.


Ever get the feeling that what your are doing is just not working? That’s how I felt before I started using dōTERRA. Everything I use I write about my experiences with it. I started doing this as my journey to health and wellness. But, I soon realized that others may be interested in how I use them. I currently have two favorites: Adaptiv and Serenity. If you would like to learn more about dōTERRA, I would love to offer you a sample experience. Feel free to fill out this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tracy is just amazing. She really knows her product and always picks out exactly the right flavor suggestion for me. She’s super quick to respond. On the rare occasion there is an issue (usually created by my own mistakes) Tracy has it fixed in no time at all. Hands down she is my favorite coffee lady!

Amanda Walsh

My son, give attention to my words;
Incline your ear to my sayings.
Do not let them depart from your eyes;
Keep them in the midst of your heart;
For they are life to those who find them,
And health to all their flesh.

Proverbs 4:20-22