So, after the emotional week that I had this week I really did not want to get on the scale. I thought about not doing it. But, I have religiously weighed every Saturday since March 23, 2019. I decided that no matter what I was getting on that scale. Up or down, I needed to know where my balance was. Did I maintain the tools not to put five pounds on this week?

Stepping on the scale is a victory!
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Happily I did. I got on the scale this week and I have lost .2 lbs. Some people say that I only maintained. I say “Oh my word, even with my emotions all over the place and food at the ready, I lost .2 lbs.” That’s a victory if I have ever heard of one.

I lost the emotional battle this week. I am not going to lie about that. My mindset was not where it should have been. But, the more I fight for me, the more I realize I have more to give this world. I have more to understand about who I am. I have more to do to serve the Almighty God.

My battle with depression, anxiety, and OCD is not done. I will struggle with it the rest of my life I am sure. But, learning how to cope with it and food is a huge victory. If I had not learned that, I would have gained 20 lbs this week. So, that is one step in the right direction. One step to the new me.

Take every step one day at a time. One minute at a time. Without it, you will lose yourself in the fight. And I need me to be the person God created me to be. That person is not a 333 lb blob that sat on the side of life. That person is the new me. The new me I am becoming.

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