Good evening.

It has been awhile since I have updated my blog. I have been working through a lot of things. Emotionally, physically, and just in general.

This summer has not been the summer I dreamed of. Last year after my knee surgery I dreamed that this year I would have the ability to go out and hike, climb mountains, take a trip to the beach. I never imagined I would be stuck in my house. But, alas, that is where I am stuck.

During this journey I have learned that becoming healthy is more than controlling points or tracking my exercise. It is about eating healthier and making choices for my whole house. It is about making sure my dogs are healthy. It is about making sure food for my husband is healthy. It is about setting myself up to be the best me I can be.

So, I am changing my blog to accommodate the changes in my life. New topics will be about how I am turning my home into a healthy hibernation for me. How I am improving my dogs health and making them thrive with natural products. How God has changed my outlook on life and made my life happier. It’s all about the life changes.

I hope you are excited about joining me on this journey. It is going to be a joyride.

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