If you told me a few years ago that I would even consider adopting the vegan lifestyle, I would have told you that you were nuttier than a fruitcake. Let alone, love it…

One of the things I always thought was that as a vegan you had to give up so much. You couldn’t have cheese. You couldn’t have eggs. How can you have cookies if you can’t have eggs? Let alone birthday cake. But just because you choose a different way of eating, does not mean you have to forgo anything.

Best cake you will ever eat.

Last week my husband had a milestone birthday. I wanted to celebrate it with him. I wanted to give him anything he wanted and if that meant baking a cake with eggs, I would do it. Surprisingly, he wanted a vegan cake so I could enjoy it as well. I researched and researched and I found two of the most amazing recipes. I made him a vanilla cake with lemon buttercream icing. And he loved it. He doesn’t want another cake.

My breakfast is filled with veggie sausage every morning from Morning Star. Each morning I have been having veggie sausage, toast with jam, and a fruit of my choosing. And, I have been loving it. I won’t eat anything else. I sit here and wonder where it has been all my life. 🙂

One of my biggest fears was eating out. (Yes, we have been eating out on quarantine. We are to support the restaurants in our area who employee so many of our neighbors.) But, I have not found it to be an imposition to be vegan eating out. A lot of restaurants have meals for vegetarians and vegans. And if they don’t, if you ask, many of them are willing to help you out. They want you to walk away happy.

On top of that, I have walked around full. Not stuffed, but I have eliminated a lot of my crazy midnight cravings that I have been having. I am feeding my body with food that is natural and better for me. Which is eliminating those feelings that I am not satisfying my hunger; I was satisfying my emotions before. My emotions were making me hungry. I feel as though my emotions have been fueling my hunger. My emotions were dictating when I thought I was hungry. I have been so satisfied with my food, I have not felt hungry because I am eating real food and not empty calories.

What I am saying is this. If you are told to try a new type of eating or if you just want to try it out but are fearful that things will not taste good, I encourage you to try it. You don’t know what might come of it. You can find a happiness that you have never felt when eating.

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