So, I am nuts. I am. There is no way to say that other than to just speak it. I’m nuts. Why you ask? I am nuts because I am changing what has worked. I am going to step out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith into a brand new world.


I am taking my Weight Watchers that I absolutely love and admire and I am turning it on its head. I am going vegan. Or, at least I am going to try and go vegan. And yes, you can be vegan and still do Weight Watchers.

Why am I going vegan? Well, quite frankly I need to test a theory. I have read that veganism can help a number of medical issues. When I research my medical issues, a number of them are said that they can be helped by veganism. So, I figure, I need to try. I need to try and tackle some of these issues in a newer way.

While I want to tackle several issues, my main goal is to reduce the inflammation in my body. My arthritis in my hand is too much at times. After breaking my knee and having surgery, there is a lot of arthritis there now. I also have inflammation where I have a torn disc and that area is starting to get issues. It’s why my nerves in my back are affected. I need and want help! So, off I go. And my autoimmune disorders can be helped by a vegan diet. So, we will see.

So, here I go. Off on a new adventure. Will I make it? I don’t know. I like my chicken. I like my fish. I like my red meat. But, I like my health more. If it works, I may stay vegan. If it doesn’t, you may see me eating those grilled chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A sooner rather than later. 🙂

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