Since I started my journey last March, I have had one focus. That focus of getting healthy. Losing weight has always been a goal, but that ultimate goal of being healthy was what kept me going.

Recently, I have fell into that dreaded trap. As I was getting closer and closer to that 100 lb mark I became obsessed with seeing if I was getting closer. If you have ever been on a diet, you know the one I mean. The one where you get on the scale three or four times a day just to see if it has moved. That’s been me. I have been visiting my WW Scale at home far too often.

The scale is not your friend.

There are several disadvantages of a weight scale during a diet. Losing pounds is important, but losing weight isn’t just about watching the scale move. It’s about moving better, feeling better, and living better. What I have found out is that dreaded scale has impacted the other three.

Here’s the deal about the losing weight. It isn’t a numbers game that many people think it is. It is a mental game. One that you play with yourself. If you don’t see the scale moving, you think you are doing something wrong. If you see it go up, you hit the panic button. Some even give up if they don’t see the scale move. I am not giving up.

So, the evil is out of sight out of mind. I have hidden the weight scale again. It will go in my husband’s truck. I am not going to let the scale play a mind game with me. I am going to win this battle of whits with the scale. I am also thinking about not weighing in every week for awhile. I will still go to my WW meetings, but I am thinking of doing a no-weigh in. Just so I can’t let that blasted scale mess with me.

If I do this, and that is a big IF, what does that mean for me. Nothing. I will still be tracking everything I put in my mouth. I will still be tracking my points. I will still be exercising. Nothing will change. My reward every week will go back to the way it started. I will answer the question, “Do I feel healthier this week, than I did last week?” If I can answer yes to that question, then I know the scale should be going down every single week. It just will not be my focus anymore. I have too much more to lose to let the game play and win mind games with me.

We will see what I do on Saturday. I may have my OCD tell me I need to be on that scale. Or, I just may have that peace to walk away from that dreaded beast.


  1. You are so right… weight loss should be the wonderful side effect to becoming healthy!
    I don’t think I can give up the scales yet, but as and when I get to where I want to be, I’m hoping to rarely weigh, and just be more strict if my clothes start getting tighter.
    If you are able to stay off the scales at your weekly, I’d love to know how you feel. Good luck. 😊


    1. So, I wasn’t able to stay off the scale at my meeting. I succumbed to the pressure. I lost .4 this week. I was quite pleased with that. After a 4 lb drop the week before, I expected a gain. So I will take that .4 and run. Hope you are having a great week.

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your articled have similar feelings about the scale. It was making me crazy. So I had my husband and son hide it–really hide it, like not in the closet where I could see it when I put my husband’s shirts away!. I do still weigh in once a week at my meeting. I am making a concerted effort to focus on filing healthier, and those non scale victories. Good luck to us all!


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