Well, I did not thing this day would come for awhile, but here it is. Today when I walked into my WW meeting, I officially lost 100.6 pounds.

100 pounds gone!

The excitement from today has absolutely giddy. I honestly knew that it was a big deal, but seeing it, my heart skipped a beat. Normally I like to give some sort of tidbit or information on my blog, but today, I’m just celebrating.

I am so blessed with the most loving and caring WW group in the world. Well, actually two groups. I normally go on Saturday, but I have been also going sometimes on Friday because of the weather. But to feel their love and care just made this day extra special.

When I got there this morning I honestly did not think I had done it. I was actually sure that I hadn’t. But, Karen, supported me as I got on that scale and when we both saw that I made it, we both screamed. She got up, ran around and hugged me immediately. I think everyone knew when we screamed that I had made it.

When my leader, Erin, came into the area, she obviously wanted to know what was so scream worthy. When we showed her, she told me how proud she was of me and gave me a huge hug.

My new charm!

When we did celebrations in our meeting, they surprised me and did a standing ovation. No one has ever done that for me. My fellow WWers made today so very special. I can’t ever thank them for being my family. And that is what they are.

Some people ask why does WW work. Well, you have to work it for it to work, but more importantly, WW is about family. We become so invested in our lives with each other every Saturday morning. We want to cheer everyone on and celebrate everyone’s successes.

And after my 100 charm was given out, we then got to celebrate and give love to another WWer who has lost 20 lbs. The level of support within this group of people is amazing. I am so thankful. I feel like the most blessed woman around. Not because I have lost 100 pounds, but because I have a family that cares about how I am doing.

As I was leaving my family today, I got so many hugs. So much support. I felt so happy.

(Now, I am not going to name everyone who has helped me on this journey. To my other amazing staff members at WW to the supporters on WW Connect. The list is too long. But I do want to give a special shout out to two special people. To my husband, thank you for all of your love and support. You have encouraged me when I was down, you have cheered me on every pound of my journey. I love you so much. And to my momma. She not only gave me life, but she gave me the courage to step out and never give up on myself. I love you all to pieces.)

Now to the next step of my journey.


  1. WOOHOO oh my word, that’s soooooo amazing! Well done, well done!
    I would love to share your post on my blog? So inspirational, I know I have some readers who would love to read.
    Amazing, well done 🍾


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