I love my new life. I love the fact that after losing 80 lbs, I feel like a completely different woman. I love life!

BUT, there are a couple of odd side effects of losing 80 lbs.

Negative Side Effects

  • Clothes don’t exactly fit right. Since losing my weight I have noticed that some of my dresses are not fitting right. My ankle length dresses now drag the ground. Losing some of the stomach and chest takes away the stuff that held them up. I am learning to hem.
  • Increased back pain. Since starting this journey this time, I injured my back. I have a torn disc in my back. While most of my back pain is due to the injury, my doctor told me I will begin experiencing more back pain. I will because the fat that surrounding my spine is leaving. In order to combat this, I need to go into physical therapy to build up my core muscles. Is the back pain worth it? ABSOLUTELY! After my injury is fixed and I probably build up my core, I will still be so much lighter and happier. So yes, it is worth it.

Positive Side Effects

  • Shopping availability. I am enjoying the shopping experience again. I can now shop in more stores and know that I am going to find something that fits me. And nothing feels as good as walking into a store and putting something on that actually fits.
  • Breathing. As I walked across campus one day in a hurry with a full backpack, I realized that I could breathe. I was not out of breath. I felt energized for my next class and ready to tackle the world. Who knew? Breathing without 80 lbs of weight makes you feel so much better.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. As I have lost weight I have realized that I can do more and more things. I am willing to step out and do something more than I ever thought I could do. I am preparing to enter nursing school. Who would have thought I would have done that?
  • Trying new things. One of the most common concerns I hear from people about starting weight loss is they don’t like vegetables or they want their pasta. Do you know that when on a diet, you do restrict things? But, when you are on a lifestyle change you get to eat everything you want? You just have to learn to make modifications. And more importantly, you get to try new foods. Things you never thought you would try end up being one of your favorites.
  • More energy. As you lose weight, one of the greatest side effects is an increased energy level. Your body is not working so hard to just survive that you have energy to do other things. Plus, you are fueling your body with things that are good for it — which gives it energy.

Weight loss is a commitment. But, it is not supposed to be a rigid rule book that can be lived with long term. If it is, you are just depriving yourself and not living your life. And the benefits will far outweighs the negatives. Why don’t you give it a try.


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