More than I would like to realize, I have been comparing myself to others. I compare myself to what they look like, what they do, and who they are. But I am finding that only does one thing. Make me unhappy.

As I travel this journey I’m on, I am coming to the terms of one thing. Happiness is what I make it. Fulfillment of my life is what I make it. Weight loss is not going to make me happy. Weight loss is going to make me healthy. New clothes are not going to make me pretty, improving who I am on the inside is going to make me pretty.

Life is not about the next fad diet. Life is not about beating the Jones’. Life is about running the race that God has put in front of us and running it to the best of our ability. But I can’t run that race if I am self-conscious about who I am as a person. I cannot run that race if I am afraid to go out of the house because the clothes I wear make me look fat.

I am who I am. I can’t be anything but. It’s only when I truly recognize that will I be truly fulfilled in my own skin.

So how do we go about meeting that place of fulfillment? How do we come to realize what will truly make us happy? It’s simple, are you ready for it? We cannot find fulfillment in people, places or things. Our fulfillment can only come from God working in us.

God can fill those empty places in our lives. He can help us find contentment. It is only through Him can we be made complete. It is then that we realize that everything else on earth is irrelevant.

This morning I listened to a sermon on the Psalm 1 & 2. In the sermon, the pastor discussed the two roads we can take. We can either take the road to ruin or the road to blessing. We can live a life following our own will on our lives or we can live a life that is following God. It’s up to us.

The same is true with our weight loss journeys. We can spend our days eating foods that make us happy or “fulfill” our desires or we can change our mindset and eat foods that will make us healthy and ultimately make us happy. We can live in the immediate or we can live in the future. Every bite we take, no matter what it is, decides our future and ultimately our happiness.

So when you go and reach for that candy bar, just remember, that candy bar may satisfy and immediate craving or a fulfilled life. Which would you have?

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