I am going to put out a disclosure at the beginning of this blog post. My disclosure is simply, I love my WW community. Throughout this journey, I have found friends through the WW community on Connect. But, I have seen a post repeatedly that I think needs to be addressed. Not because it is a WW issue, but because everyone who goes on this journey needs to understand it.

Don’t become a prisoner to the scale. 

When we begin our weight loss journey no matter how many times we have done it before, we all focus on one thing. I have x amount of pounds to lose. I want to lose my weight. And then when something happens and we don’t lose in a particular week, we get upset. This mindset leads to failure. I am telling you from experience. If you become obsessed with the scale, YOU WILL FAIL.

That was a pretty bold statement I just made. And I 100 percent stand behind it. The scale is a tool but it can also be our worst enemy. It is a tool to help us see if we are becoming healthier, but it is not the only tool in our arsonal. And too many times though we let that scale dictate our success or failures.

When I lost the 140 lbs before, one of the things I remember doing was going hiking for the first time. I remember riding a roller coaster. I remember joining my Scale Back Alabama team. I remember walking 5 miles and feeling wonderful. I remember going into a store and trying on new clothes that I thought I would never wear in my life.

Yes, I want to lose weight. And I am ashamed at how much weight I need to lose. BUT, I want the feeling of being healthy again. I want the feeling of freedom I had where I was not trapped in my body. I want to be confident in who I am and not intimidated because I don’t look pretty enough to be seen out of my house.

Do I feel healthier this week than I was last week?

You see, becoming overweight or obese, affects you mental well-being. And if the scale is the dicator of you mental well-being, you are going to be shot down. I tell my WW team my goal ever week is to answer one question with a yes: Do I feel healthier this week than I was last week? If the answer to that question is yes, than it does not matter what the scale says. Because my goal is to be healthy and to get those feelings back. My goal is not to be a number.

If you are on a weight loss journey, please take a moment and access your why. By answering your why, you will find out if you health or you number is what is driving you. And if it is you number, you might want to reconsider. Otherwise, you just might have to start this journey all over again.

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