I love to cook. I love spending time in the kitchen preparing meals for my husband. I love spending the time together. But, when I went to my first WW meeting, I was surprised to see that they had paired with Blue Apron and was offering our first two boxes at a reduced rate. I figured, why not? If it is going to make meal prep easier and it is going to be WW Freestyle Friendly, what did I have to lose.

Our Menu Card

Our first box arrived on Saturday and I was quite surprised at all of the goodies inside. We decided we were going to try the Mexican-Style Baked Chicken and Rice the first night. It was a 15 point meal and I had a ton of points available to me. One of the things that surprised me most was how easy it was to track it. I simply scanned the bar code and it went right into my WW tracker for dinner.

With a couple of chops of my knife and a few extra teaspoons of oil, putting this meal on the table was simple and easy. My husband was able to help me and I done with my prep work within a matter of minutes. The instructions that they provided were simple and easy to follow. There was no confusion as to what to do with each step.

When our meal came out, I had one major complaint. It was too much food. When I looked at the dish I begged my husband how in the world I was going to eat it. So my 2 serving meal turned into 4 and we had left overs for the next night. I was able to go to my WW track and divide it into two.

Our finished product

My husband and I both agreed the food tasted remarkable. It was a nice change of pace and I didn’t have to plan and figure out what to buy. One of the things I loved about the meal was it was so filling. I did not feel hungry the rest of the night.

Blue Apron is something I am going to continue for a number of reasons. First, every recipe they send you, is an additional recipe for my safe and easy meals to eat for WW. Secondly, they provide me meals that I would not have necessarily tried. And finally, it provides variety to my journey. I am not going to be eating the same meal every single week. When you are on a weight loss journey, that can become something standard. You find meals that work and you stick with it. With Blue Apron, I am going to be able to find variety in my meals.

Blue Apron, you get an A+ from me!

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